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Substance Abuse and PTSD Commonly Manifest Together

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Why Do Those With PTSD Use Substances? If you’re one of the individuals seeking help for your substance abuse disorder, it’s also 50% likely you also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But, you don’t need to be told this. In a way, it makes perfect sense that those experiencing immense psychological pain would occasionally […]

Men’s Health Week: Substance Abuse Warning Signs and How to Overcome Addiction

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Everyone has a drink just to take the edge off, right? Though sometimes you wonder if you’re having more drinks than most people you know. Maybe you also enjoy using drugs recreationally with friends to forget about the stress you’re experiencing. Or maybe you keep filling that painkiller prescription that was meant to help with […]

It Takes 33 Milliseconds to Trigger Relapse: Here’s How to Stop It

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The Implications of Relapse Relapse is ground zero. Relapse is waking up in a hospital bed— if you wake up at all. Relapse, for many, is the end of the road. Once the body has lost its tolerance for an addictive substance the chances of overdose increase dramatically. Thankfully, relapse is not a death sentence, […]

When a Loved One is In Recovery: Support is Essential to Healing

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Recovering from addiction is not an easy journey. When you have a loved one who is working hard reclaim control of their lives, it’s important to learn how to be part of their support network. If you don’t have personal experience with addiction, understanding the challenges of substance abuse disorders can be difficult. While you […]