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Affordable Addiction Treatment: What is Partial Hospitalization?

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Finances should never stand in the way of your health and well-being. Yet because of insurance coverage limitations, the ability to pay for treatment leaves many people struggling with substance abuse unable to get the help they need. Finding affordable addiction treatment is vital in a world facing increased opioid overdose and addiction issues. However, most people are only aware of two treatment options for drug and alcohol abuse: detox and inpatient residential treatment. Understanding the full array of treatment options available could save a life.

Partial Hospitalization – An Affordable Alternative to Residential Treatment

One cost-saving option is seeking outpatient addiction treatment rather than residential care. Local outpatient rehab centers in Atlanta provide the guidance and support necessary for recovery without the price tag of 24-hour treatment. While outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is not ideal for everyone, the option to seek help while continuing to work and maintain your home opens the door to sobriety for many who would otherwise never have the chance. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) most closely follow the structure of inpatient rehab. Clients attend groups and individual therapy sessions for 8 hours per day and return home or to a sober living facility each night. This option negates expenses associated with housing during treatment, reducing overall costs while still providing the client-focused care necessary for meaningful change. Beyond monetary savings, PHPs are the perfect middle ground between structured care and independence. Most often these programs are a transitional phase between residential rehab and long-term sobriety. However, partial hospitalization is still a viable option for those who are new to recovery and unable to attend inpatient care.

Advantages of Partial Hospitalization for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

  • PHP offers the highly structured, comprehensive clinical benefits of inpatient rehab, but with a more flexible schedule that comes with outpatient treatment. Because it doesn’t require an overnight stay, participants can still meet home and family obligations.
  • Clients admitted to PHP can access services from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, etc., as deemed necessary and part of their treatment plan. PHP also includes individual and group therapy sessions, treatment for co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety, medication management and relapse prevention counseling.
  • PHP generally costs less than a residential program, making drug or alcohol rehab available to a wider range of clients.
  • Insurance companies are often more willing to cover PHP rather than residential treatment based on cost. Unlike typical 28 day residential treatment, PHP is more of a long term treatment service lasting several months, so a partial hospitalization program can provide longer treatment at less cost.

Tangu has been providing outpatient rehab in Atlanta for more than 25 years. By focusing on non-residential levels of care, we are able to serve a broader spectrum of those living with drug and alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive and individualized approach to care is designed to suit the needs of each person. Unlike cookie cutter rehab programs that treat recovery with a preset formula, we take the time to fully understand your journey and experiences so we can help you heal and grow. 

The Partial Hospitalization Program at Tangu focuses on identifying the root causes of addictive behaviors and replacing harmful habits with positive coping mechanisms. Because substance abuse is often a response to unaddressed trauma or distress, we provide a safe, judgement-free space for addressing addiction at its source. As a culturally-informed treatment facility, we place emphasis on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our low staff-to-client ratio means each person gets the focused attention and care they deserve. Available both in person and through our telehealth services, Tangu is dedicated to providing impactful, effective rehabilitation services to those in need.

Tangu means ‘New Beginning’ in Swahili. If you’re ready to start again through sobriety, call us today to learn more about how we can help.